Meta: Designated “bad guy” kingdom. Korriban by way of Warhammer Chaos.

Once known as Arkavoi, most people now refer to it simply as the Realm of the Ashen Queen.

Salandra was a human queen with great magical talent and martial prowess. Rumored to have the blood of both elves and dragons in her lineage. United the lands of Pangloss and pulled them out of the centuries-long dark ages that followed the fall of the Deyrnas Du Tuatha. Built magical gates (“Devil Doors”) that connected the distant lands. Bred the Orcbrood as soldiers. She ruled as empress for 400 years.

The Night of Fire came 100 years ago when Salandra did something magical that mortals are not meant to do. Arkavoi was scorched by black fire. Reality rippled across Pangloss. Demons, undead, and other things poured forth from the Devil Doors into the heats of civilization. The worldwide network of heroes, The House of Hrothgar, fought and defeated the monster hordes and shattered the Devil Doors. The House of Hrothgar was all but destroyed.

Salandra is now called the Ashen Queen. She bathes in the cremated remains of sacrificed young people to retain her beauty, youth, and magical power.

Arkavoi is a shattered nation fallen into chaos. Much of the realm is scorched badlands and ashy desert. Reality is “broken” in some places.

Fertile lands remain along the coast of the Sea of Secrets.

The Bortherhood of Cinders is a militant cult dedicated to restoring Salandra’s empire and restoring the Ashen Queen’s dominion over Pangloss.

The Ashen Queen resides in The Burning Manse in the volcanic wastes east of Skarn.


  • Arkavoi’s largest reaming city.
  • Militant city ruled by Lord Bael, a mighty warlord with weapons and armor crafted by the Ashen Queen herself.
  • The Iron Basilica is Pangloss’s largest temple to Moloch, god of tyrants.
  • Droxx the Crimson Death, is a hybrid red-black dragon bound to the city. Breathes burning acid.
  • City currently at war with Gnomeria. Queen’s navy lead by Lady Var Abaddon, warrior-priestess of Moloch.


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