Last remaining Dragonborn city.

Once a great metropolis, now mostly crumbled ruins. Only a collection of towers remain, high in the mountains and surrounded by walls of raw stone.

Each tower occupied by a single clan.

Towers built of granite and dragonsteel.

Dragonsteel was forged with dragon-fire, quenched in dragon-ice, and galvanized with dragon-lightning. Its exact manufacture has been lost for millennia.

A huge, open-air shrine to Bahamut and Tiamat rests at the top of the highest peak.

Drakeskeep ruled by a council comprised of elders from each clan, headed by Council Throne. Council Throne rotates between each clan on 100 year cycles.

Council Throne currently held by Udanna Kalaseejit, a fire-breathing sorceress of great power.

Udanna and her clan are scheduled to hand over power in a year.

Great vaults beneath Drakeskeep were magically sealed countless centuries ago. No one knows what treasures and lore they hold.

Drakeskeep possesses a fleet of airships.

Communities of enthralled kobolds gathered around the hills below Drakeskeep.

Kobolds at war with Gnoll tribes in nearby forest.


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