Meta: War-torn clockpunk city of survivors.

Called “The Alchemical City.” Pangloss’s largest Gray Gnome settlement.

Currently losing a war with Skarn. Many residents have fled south to Madyan.

Gnomeria is one giant factory of clockwork machinery and alchemical refineries of Seussian proportions. Once surrounded by balmy vineyards and farmlands, now blasted by war.

Ruled by Prince Daviel “Clockarmor” Bastielhiem IV, a cunning warrior and engineer.

The king remains comatose and in a state of near-undeath due to a powerful curse. His life is sustained only by sophisticated alcemical machines.

The Walking Archive, a mechanical library of ancient gnomish lore, was secreted out of Gnomeria three years ago. Its current whereabouts remain unknown.


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