Meta: Unsettled ancient Germany/Finland/Wales with some of the nicer parts of Skyrim and Northrend.

Taiga and cold marshes scattered with thick coniferous and birch forests.

Many barbarian tribes in the taiga and forests.

Atavistic dragonborn clans near the Runeguard Mountains often clash with dwarves over territory.

Humanoid tribes in constant state of war.

Gnoll War-Shaman Keeyark the Iron Jawed gathering many tribes under his banner.

Wraithwood haunted by undead and demon-worshiping druids. Said to be the home of The Morrigon (old pagan god of suffering).

Morwyyn Peaks to the south hide many volcanic vents

The Skotomance, a secretive school of warlocks, is supposedly hidden in the Morwyyn Peaks.


  • Trade city built on the banks of Great-Grandfather’s River.
  • Thick walls of petrified scabwood.
  • Considered the last point of civilization in the northeast.
  • Ruled by queen Brunella Bearwise and her council of chiefs.
  • Home of Ban-Skjald, Pangloss’s largest bard college of Valor.
  • Decades-old feud between clerics of Beoren and clerics of Gromm, each claiming turf in the city.
  • Dwarven distillery produces Wight Breath Whiskey.


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