Meta: Pulp sword & sorcery island of evil wizards. Zothique, Sahu, Lemuria, and Torth.

Artificial island raised from the sea 1000 years ago by a cabal of wizards lead by Archmage Qyo K’Narth

Rocky scrub lands, tangled black forests, and marshes.

Ruled by the Yellow Warlocks of K’Narth (who are mostly wizards but also include some sorcerers and actual warlocks). So named for their baroque yellow and black robes.

Council of Thirteen rules the island, guided by the Magna Magus, also known as the Serpent’s Head. Much bickering and infighting.

Current Magna Magus is Xothgog Kothorsis, a conjurer of great power.

Council of Thirteen meets in the Twisted Spire, a non-euclidean tower grown from the bones of Quo K’Narth.

Strict social caste system. Yellow Warlocks on top, lesser magic users below them, then clerics and military, then everyone else. More magical power equals more social and political standing. Only way to leave your birth caste is to show some talent for wizardry.

Much slave trade between K’Narth and Vancia.

Yellow Warlock agents travel across Pangloss to bring magical secrets and treasure back to their masters.


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