Meta: Desert kingdom, specifically not fantasy Arabian Nights. A mixture of ancient Persia and early Islamic East Africa.

Madyan is not, technically, a theocracy, although the church of Zarthura has a strong influence on the nation’s politics.

New young king Elyas Jabari recently returned from adventures abroad to take the throne. Talented wizard and secular progressive, he has outraged much of the old establishment. Very popular with the common folk, who call him the Prince of Smiles.

Conservative seneschal Ghazwan is trying desperately to find the young king a suitable wife.

King Elyas has opened the borders of Madyan to refugees from Gnomeria. Madyan is experiencing a mini-renaissance thanks to the influx of gnomish scholarship and science.

Elyas has also begun to welcome foreign religions, although non-Zarthuran churches are heavily taxed.

Slavery legal punishment for criminals and debtors, but have opportunities to work or buy their way to freedom.

Vast desert realm. Fertile lands along the west coast. Glowing Sands to the east. Razael Ridge to the north. Hastur’s Teeth mountain range to the south. Cassilda’s Peak is the highest mountain in Pangloss.

Barbarian tribes in the rocky lands near the mountains.


  • Capital city of Madyan.
  • Palace of Lions supposedly built on the spot where Zarthura first raised dry land.
  • City full of fountains and gardens. Streets paved in pink sandstone.
  • Vancian embassy near the wharf districts. Recently opened new shipyards.
  • The Scarlet Pride, fellowship of Zarthuran paladins famous for their red armor.


  • Port city on the Sea of Secrets.
  • Governed by Magistrate Abaresh Awati, a retired general.
  • Large influx of gnomish immigrants.
  • The Thrice-Blessed Magnificent Universty is said to be the greatest center of learning and lore in Pangloss, attracting even dwarvish and elvish scholars.


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