Meta: 70s blacklight poster fantasy realm. Melniboné mixed with Narcosa with a dash of Jack Vance. Little bit of Sectaurs, too.

Oneiroi is an island nation floating over the Sea of Shadows. It is the last remnant of the great Elvish Empire (Deyrnas Du Tuatha, or just the Deyrnas)

Oneiroi is a minor chunk of the Feywild in Pangloss. It is the ancestral home of Pangloss’s Wryd Elves (High Elves).

Psychedelic fairytale kingdom. Perpetual summer. Ulfire mushrooms and narcotic flowers. Kaleidoscope trees.

Wyrd Elf nobility uses giant insects as mounts, especially luminescent moths, dragonflies, and wasps (for combat).

Different stars rise and fall over Oneiroi


  • Captitol city of Oneiroi. Opalescent spires and floating towers made of jade and spun glass.
  • City surrounded by walls of amber. Ancient monsters encased within, to be released when Dreamspire finally falls.
  • Ruled by King Oostavah Xyilovah and Queen Byanwaan and their seven children. That wealth of children is unprecedented among elves.
  • Gates of Delirium, massive portal to the Feywild, has been sealed for centuries.
  • Hypnoglossic Library keeps records of the great elvish sages and generals. Dreams captured in globules of silver honey.


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