Meta: Trying (with limited success) to not make Permanence too much like Ironforge or Moria. I decided early on to break away from tradition and make the best wizards in Pangloss Dwarves (as opposed to elves). They have a lot of bards, too.

Oldest city in the Pangloss. Cultural and spiritual center of dwarven culture.

Ruled by Queen Hildebard Ironlocks, hereditary monarch. The Ironlocks have ruled Permanence for over a thousand years. Hildebard is a paladin of Wotan.

Massive stone edifice carved into the living stone of the Runeguard Mountains. Thousands of years of constant upkeep and improvements by master dwarven smiths.

Main gates guarded by massive stone golem goats.

Many hill dwarf farms and villages in the surrounding hills.

Permanence has never fallen to any army.

City vaults and tunnels extend high into the mountains and deep below the earth.

Deepest vaults supposedly lead directly to the Underdark. The Bleak Threshold is under constant guard.

Great dwarven necropolis of Gol-Valhark at the center of Permanence is larger than many human cities.

Home to the Ban-Dvergaz bard school of Lore.

Kaer-Wotan is an ancient school for dwarven wizards. Headmaster Karlwyrd Crowfriend is rumored to be 500 years old.


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