The Fimbulwinter

Harsh tundra, icy mountains, glaciers. A cold, brutal, and unforgiving land.

Sparsely populated by viking barbarian tribes, monsters, and Cold Mutants.

Frostreve is the largest town in the Fimbulwinter, barely qualifying as a city.

Every spring , the Jarlsmoot convienes in Frostreve. The various tribes gather to trade, find spouses, and compete in tests of strength and skill. These activities are often the same thing. The jarls of different tribes hold council to plan or prevent wars and organize the summer raids.

Grundar Halfdwarf, high gothi of Grandfather Frost sacrifices criminals to his god in a crucible of burning ice.

Shaggyhide, a half-orc warchief, leads a warband of orc and orcbrood raiders who ride wooly mammoths. All dedicated worshipers of Demogorgon.

The Fimbulwinter

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