Mighty tree city of the Wood Elves. Reaches thousands of feet into the air.

Tree is mostly hollow. Great, multi-tiered city carved inside from living wood.

According to legend, when the Wood Elves came to the Earthrealm, they brought a cutting of their god Yggdrysl (The Tree Whose Fruit is the Universe) with them. That cutting grew into Ul-Valal.

Ruled by hereditary monarch, but the chaotic nature of the wood elves means the family in charge is often removed and replaced.

Currently ruled by King Casterlary Greyfate, “The Omni-Puissant Falcon of Valor,” who in his younger days of adventure stole full set of great black wings from the Demon Queen of Raptors.

Greater Gnomington, a large Green Gnome community is nestled around the base of Ul-Valal, Ruled by Lady Redbuttons.


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