Meta: Imperial Rome with Mesopotamian influences. A lot like Aquillonia.

Cold, hard mountains to the north. Cold-to-temperate fields and forests further south. Harsh winters.

Divine King Castius Thule can trace his lineage 300 generations back to Brahma Himself. King Thule apprenticed under master dwarven smith in his youth, and is considered to be the greatest human smith alive.

Queen Golaria Bellona-qo-Thule is pregnant with their first child. She is a vocal supporter of The Purge, a radical faction of fiend/undead/witch-hunters.

As the official heads of the Uth-Goliad Church, the king and queen are both powerful clerics.

Uth-Goliad is a theocracy, and the Church of the Holy Couple of Brahma and Unastre is the official religion. Foreign faiths of non-chaotic/non-evil deities (especially Chalice and Hyperia) are tolerated, if not welcomed in the cities. Rural communities are more diverse in their faith.

Uth-Goliad enjoys a centuries-old alliance with the dwarves of Permanence. The nation greatly benefits from dwarvish engineering and construction techniques.

Slavery legal for prisoners of war, criminals, and debtors.


  • Capital city of Uth-Goliad.
  • Ringed by a series of dwarf-made walls.
  • The High Castle crafted of blue marble chased with silver and gold.
  • The Promise of Hell is a massive dungeon under the city where criminals are banished.
  • The Cosmopticon is a sophisticated astrological observatory operated by Dragonborn sages.

Candle Quay

  • Large port city.
  • Duke Maxis Kellarion, recent widower.
  • Heavy fog from the quay shrouds the city in perpetual twilight more often than not.
  • Thousands of magical candles float over the water, illuminating the quay.
  • Many large and beautiful churches.
  • Home of The Purge, a militant faction dedicated to wiping out undead, fiends, and their allies.
  • The Dwarfmarch Road leads from Candle Quay to Permanence. Made of fused stone.


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