Meta: I’m not going to lie. It’s Lankamar (with a touch of Vornheim).

Largest city in Pangloss, home to hundreds of thousands of people.

Thousands of years of building and rebuilding on top of itself, Vancia is a twisting, sprawling city with uncounted layers of subcity buried beneath it.

A decadent, dangerous, and unscrupulous city. The greatest city in the world.

Vancians are considered the shrewdest merchants and the greatest shipbuilders in Pangloss.

Hot and sticky weather with very rainy summers. Parts of the subcity prone to flooding.

Swamplands to the south are a rich resource of rare spices.

Currently ruled by Matriarch Veronica Delmora.

Plutocracy run by the Lords’ Senate. The rich buy Lordships, and must pay huge sums of money into Vancia’s coffers every three years to maintain their position on the Senate.

Senate elects Patriarch/Matriarch who rules for life. Ruler can be removed with enough votes of “no confidence,” but such dissent is traditionally met with assassination.

Slavery is very much legal.

Rumors that the Cult of the Yellow King has infiltrated many noble families.

Monk School of the Way of the Shadow supposedly somewhere in the subcity.

Vancia is home to The Black Chapel, the largest temple to Death Itself in Pangloss. A huge monolithic temple made of cyclopean basalt in a cavernous subterranean plaza.


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