Meta: A place for monks to come from. Based on my love of Wuxia films mixed with my limited knowledge of ancient India.

Subtropical land north of the Sleeping Jungle. High rolling hills with many rivers.

Was not part of Salandra’s Emipre.

Several warring states, finally unified by King Ramyan Sosona five years ago.

Shattered remains of ancient temples and statues oh humans with an alien mien known as “The Old Men.”

Sleeping Jungle full of dangerous narcotic plants, amazon tribes, and dinosaurs.


  • Capitol city of Xian-Zhu.
  • Octagonal city with a massive temple to one of the eight Bodhivistas at each of the eight points.
  • Palace of Gold and Cedar sits in the center of the city in the middle of a man-made lake.
  • Jade Guard is the king’s retinue of elite soldiers comprised entirely of dragonborn fighters.
  • The Glass Pilgrims, a race of men with transparent flesh, recently arrived on the shores of Kayn in a ship made of tortoise shell, reportedly from a land far to the west.


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