Meta: The Outlands from WoW mixed with a bit of Count Brass.

Formerly human city taken to the Abyss 300 years ago. Returned 20 years ago.

Ruled by Unbreaking Kasterath, who freed his people from demonic slavery. Chalk-skinned Tiefling eldritch knight. Wields a sapient greatsword named “All-Black”

The Adamant Citadel is built in the shell of an ancient demonic war machine.

The line between demon lords and gods is thin, and Unbreakng Kasterath will not allow his people to become slaves again. All clerics are outlawed in Xöth.

Xöth is a piece of the outer planes come to Pangloss. Red and purple turf and alien plants. Roger Dean geography. Weird metal towers and buildings.

Island connected to the main continent by a massive bridge of glass and gold and guarded by enthralled giants.


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